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Wireless Portable Flat Panel Detector for Digital Radiography


Key Features:

  • Stable and reliable AED

  • High image quality

  • Convenient usability

  • Wireless data transmission

Usable Applications:

  • General Radiography

  • Mobile

  • Veterinarians

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The innovative ViVIX-S 14x17W offers the world's first wireless cassette-sized DR detector that is easy to insert into your table or wall stand Bucky unit, or can be used as a conventional cassette for tabletop projections. After exposure, the digital images are transferred wirelessly in seconds from the 14 x 17 in large detector panel to the acquisition console running the user friendly VXvue Acquisition, where they are automatically processed and displayed for further diagnostic purposes. The images can then be sent from the console to a film printer, PACS - archive, diagnostic workstations or other target devices in the practice network.

Model Name

FXRD-1417WA / FXRD-1417WB


a-Si TFT with photodiode


CsI:Tl / Gd2O2S:Tb

Pixel Pitch

140 ㎛

Spatial Resolution

3.5 lp/㎜


2560 x 3072 pixels

Image Size

14" x 17"

(35.8 ㎝ x 43.0 ㎝)


14 bit

Image Acquisition Time

Wired: 2 s

Wireless (preview): 2 / Wireless (high resolution): 4.5 s

Recommended Cycle Time

15 s

Data Interface

Gigabit Ethernet

IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n

X-ray Generator Interface

Line trigger: DR trigger Mode

Auto trigger: AED Mode


38.4 ㎝ x 46.0 ㎝ x 1.5 ㎝

15.1" x 18.1" x 0.6"


1417WA: 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs (including battery)

1417WB: 3.3 kg / 7.2 lbs (including battery)


Lithium Ion 4000 mAh

4 h (Capturing)

Dust and Water Resistant


X-ray Voltage Range

40 - 150 kVp

Operating Environment

10℃ to 35℃

30 % to 85 % RH (non-condensing)

VIVIX-S 1417.jpg
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