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True Portable


Lighter, more maneuverable, and better protected than the competition, True Portable was designed specifically with portable provider technologists in mind.

We know that time is money. With our lightweight and easy-to-use design, technologists will be able to perform studies very quickly and be en route to the next patient. The True Portable can be moved in any direction, for easy positioning and quick maneuvering in tight areas.

Folded for Transfer

True Portable Folded.png

Designed for Easy Transit

True Portable Car.png

Ready for Imaging

True Portable Unfolded.png


  • 8 wheels

    • 4 free-moving wheels, which allow indoor and bedside movement in any direction

    • 2 large wheels for travel and climbing stairs

    • 2 wheels on the handrails for loading into a vehicle

  • Lightweight for easy portability

  • Includes protective laptop tray and fully enclosed detector bin

  • Arrives ready-to-use from the factory. Unfold and be ready to take an X-ray immediately

  • Powerful 120 kVp X-ray source to ensure good quality images

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