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SR-130 is the #1 Power-to-Weight Ratio Portable X-Ray System on the Market!
Delivering the maximum mR/mAs, the SR-130 produces 3kW of power that provides hospital-quality imaging anywhere, anytime. Designed with an intuitive user interface, for care-free technique setting and status indication.
Small footprint, lightweight 100lb. system, that is user friendly and easy for the X-ray technician to handle and transport. The unique folding design allows it to be stored and transported easily through standard doors and up and down stairs.



The Small & Lightweight SR-115 Provides High-Power, State-of-the-Art Reliability.
The SR-115’s user-friendly system is designed for high reliability, ease of use & with the durability required for the diagnostic outreach market at 1.5kW of power.
Provides invaluable maneuverability and agility around beds & other essential equipment in tight areas where space is at a premium, especially in private homes.
The SR-115 weighs significantly less than other systems that produce less output. It’s 80 lb. net weight makes it the lightest portable X-ray system on the market today.

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