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Multi-purpose Portable Flat Panel Detector for Digital Radiography


Key Features:

  • Super Durable (IP67)

  • Improved Usability

  • Ergonomic and Elegant Design

  • Fast Data Communication

  • Supreme Image Quality

Usable Applications:

  • General Radiography

  • Mobile

  • Veterinarian

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ViVIX-S 1417VW can be installed in single, dual or multiple detector configurations depending on the required applications & used without any connection to the X-ray generator. ViVIX-S Cassettes work just like CR or film, being triggered by radiation and not a generator interface connection. The ViVIX-S 1417VW is 14x17" and can fit in most table and wall stand buckies without modification. User friendly VXvue imaging software with the new PureImapct image processor provides consistent image quality at a dramatically reduced dose & faster image information with optimized algorithms for different studies. The QXLink3 PACS provides the internal DICOM storage with web access.

This new panel is optimal for mobile application in challenging environments. It is IP-67 rated, and usable in various temperature environments and is dust and water resistant. The ViVIX-S 1417VW has a light and ergonomic design for super mobility. It has fast data communication speeds, and boots in 15 seconds. Special design enables hot-swap-able batteries, without effecting panel usage.

VIVIX-S 1417VW.jpg
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