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QXLink Viewer

QXLink Viewer.PNG

QXLink Viewer is an viewing software for QXLink3. The software can be installed on end user computers, enabling connection to the main QXLink3 computer. The Viewer provides DICOM tools such as Send, Print, CD/DVD Burning, and Multi Monitor Support. The QXLink Viewer also adds  annotation tools and chiropractic tools. These tools allow for greater degrees of control, while remaining easy to use.

Chiropractic Annotation Tools:

  • Horizontal Orthogonal Angle

  • Vertical Orthogonal Angle

  • Cross Angle

  • Axis Angle

  • Middle Angle

  • Vertical Discrepancy

  • Horizontal Level

  • Vertical Level

  • 3/4 Point Ratio

  • Spine Analysis

  • Vertebral Line

  • George's Line

  • George's Line with Label

  • Cervical Curve

  • Lumbar Curve

  • Spine Label

  • Sagittal Spine Alignment Analysis

  • Pelvic Parameters

  • Spondylolisthesis

  • Pelvis Analysis

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