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Image Processing Software for VIVIX-S Series


PureImpact is a new post-processing algorithm for efficient diagnostics for the VIVIX-S Series DR panels. It features three different modes of based on personal preferences. PureImpact also includes different preset perimeters  based on the examination target. The PureImpact algorithm increases image quality and enhances fine details, delivering a superb image for diagnostics.

Post-processing algorithm for an efficient diagnosis

  • Fine details without visual artifact

  • Soft tissue delineation

  • Non-grid chest processing

  • Fine tuning

3 different mode for individual preference

  • Normal: a processing parameter for normal image

  • Soft: a parameter that is smoother than normal

  • Hard: a parameter that is rougher than normal

Optimized pre-set parameters for each target examination

  • Human

  • Veterinary

  • Equine

  • Vehicle

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