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Q-Rad Radiographic Systems – Exceptional Value, Precision & Reliability for All Imaging Applications.

Q-Rad Systems provide precision & reliability through “Smart- System Design” technology. Innovations such as TechVision, Q-Vision HF Series Generator Controls, 650 lb patient weight
capacity, fail-safe electromagnetic braking systems, collision avoidance electronics and EZ-Glide handle controls are just some of the unique and valuable advantages of Quantum's Q-Rad Radiographic Systems.
All Quantum Q-Rad Systems & components are pre-designed to allow use of direct digital imaging technology (DR), as well as all CR solutions. Upgrade ability is fast, easy and affordable with any Quantum Q-Rad System.

Quantum’s wide selection of system configurations and extensive options, as well as its line of powerful high-frequency X-ray generators accommodate every type of radiographic system requirement and exam. The systems are flexible enough to meet various room size requirements, as well as different facility budgets. Pioneering technology from the premiere innovator in imaging!

Quest HF Series

  • Superior Flexibility & user-Friendliness

  • Power to 50kW/Outputs up to 150kVp

  • Automatic Exposure Control

  • X-Ray Tube Protection Circuitry

Odyssey HF Series

  • Shorter Exposure/Longer Tube Life

  • Power to 80kW/Outputs up to 150kVp

  • Superior Image Quality

  • Self-Testing/Self-Diagnostic

Q-Vision HF Series

  • Hi-Def Finger-Tip Touchscreen Control

  • Power to 80kW/Outputs up to 150kVp

  • Anatomically Programed Radiography

  • Easy Operation & Increased Workflow

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